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The best oil seep information

to reduce exploration risk

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More than 10 years delivering the best oil seep data to exploration teams

Our data is the result of combining satellite imagery with computational modeling.

We go beyond the conventional mapping of oil seeps on the sea surface and, based on the oceanic circulation, we deliver to our customers the location of oil seepage on the seafloor. 

During this time we have worked closely with customers in different offshore basins. This experience helped us improve our solutions, providing better accuracy and integration with other data.

This led us to the Oil Seepage Index Map. It shows the probability of oil seepages in the whole region mapped. This information was able to increase by 67% the success rate of finding oil. You can check the technical info and validation details here.

The Oil Seepage Index Map

From space to the seafloor

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We start detecting oil slicks in satellite scenes. Features that are not an oil seep (oil spills, algae bloom, low wind fields, for instance) are then disregarded.

We have been doing this for more than 15 years and , comparing our classification with in-situ data. This helped us in improving the algorithm.


The second step is to recreate the local oceanic circulation for every date when an oil seep was detected. 

For each date the model will produce a 4D cube, reflecting the behavior of the currents along the water column in that region during a few days. 


With an oceanic model in place, we are able to simulate the trajectory of each oil seep back in time, finding possible solutions for it on the seafloor.


These solutions are potential locations where the oil seep has escaped before moving towards the sea surface.


The solutions of the previous step are consolidated. This results in a probability map that indicates the regions with higher chances of oil seepage on the seafloor. 

This way we are able to deliver information as input to the risk and geological models used by exploration teams.

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Get your data

You just tell us your area(s) of interest and we send you a quotation and the details about the available data.

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If your AOI is in our archive data (map below), the Oil Seepage Index Map is ready to deliver. 




If you are looking for seeps anywhere else, we will build your Oil Seepage Index Map using our database of seeps detected on the sea surface. 




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